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LED/Laser Plotters vs. Inkjet Plotters – Which One to Choose?

Laser vs Inkjet Plotters

Choosing the right plotter for your design, engineering, or architectural projects can make a huge difference. By comparing and contrasting the key features, benefits, and limitations of Inkjet plotters and LED/Laser plotters, we’ll help you navigate the decision-making process so that you can select the perfect plotter for your specific needs.

Printing Technology

MFP PlotterLED/Laser Plotters: These plotters use electrostatic technology to create precise images on paper. A laser or an array of LEDs is engineered to reproduce the image with toner (black powder particles) on a photosensitive drum, resulting in sharp lines and accurate details in monochrome (black & white). This technology consists of an intricate series of functions that have to occur to produce prints.  To learn more, read our blog post, What to Consider Before You Buy a LED or Laser MFP Plotter.

Epson T3770E 24" Color PlotterInkjet Plotters: Inkjet plotters, are simpler machines that lay tiny droplets of ink onto the paper, producing a wide color spectrum and subtle gradients producing crisp line work and color richness.  This technology has a few components that are succinctly calibrated from the manufacturer.

Size & Portability

LED/Laser Plotters: LED/laser printers are typically larger and weigh a significant amount more than inkjet printers.  Upon installation LED/laser plotters are calibrated onto feet and the caster wheels are raised; so moving this equipment often requires a service call from a technician.  it’s wise to carefully consider whereto placing this type of plotter prior to delivery, because you probably will not want to move it.

Inkjet Plotters: These are significantly more compact and can easily be moved when mounted to a stand with casters.  Some of the smaller desktop plotters are so light weight that one person can easily move it, making the plotter extremely portable.Best Printer Repair & Hp Plotter Maintenance Company Service Dubai, UAE

Repairs & Maintenance

LED/Laser Plotters: This technology requires on-going preventative maintenance to keep all of the components working properly.  Image quality will degrade over time, but with a thorough cleaning and changing some parts, image quality can be restored.

Inkjet Plotters: A lot of inkjet printers require very few if any service calls from a technician.  However, many of them do require the user to perform some more frequent light on-screen functionality to preserve image quality and equipment health.Epson SureColor T5170 wireless printer, , large format inkjet printer, best large format printers, large color printer


LED/Laser Plotters:  Most warranties on LED/laser printers are 90 days or shorter.  The companies that sells LED/laser printers are often the same company that offer technical service; and they will typically offer a service contract with the purchase.

Digitize blueprints, Best large format inkjet printer, Wide format digital printer, Large plotter, where to print Digitize blueprints, Best large format inkjet printer for sale, Wide format digital printer for rent, Large plotter for saleInkjet Plotters: Inkjet printers typically have a one year warranty, which is significantly more advantageous.  It is wise to purchase extended warranties on most inkjet plotters, because the potential service calls can be rather costly.

Printer Longevity

LED/Laser Plotters: If properly maintained a LED/laser plotter can have a significantly longer life-span than most inkjet printers.

Inkjet Plotters: As with a lot of products manufactured today, based on our experience, the average life-span of a typical descent quality ink-jet plotter that runs regularly every day and has extended service is approximately three to five years.Paper Facts: Part 5 Other Considerations - At Your Service

Print Speed and Efficiency

LED/Laser Plotters: Known for their high-speed capabilities, LED/Laser plotters can produce intricate designs and large-format prints quickly, making them ideal for time-sensitive projects and high-volume printing tasks.

Inkjet Plotters: While inkjet plotters have improved over the years, they generally have slower printing speeds compared to LED/Laser plotters. This can be a consideration if volume is very high.A Blueprint for Economic Development Reform | CBCNY

Image Quality

LED/Laser Plotters: These plotters excel in producing sharp, precise lines and text, making them suitable for technical drawings, blueprints, and detailed engineering plans.

Inkjet Plotters: Inkjet plotters shine when it comes to color reproduction and the ability to create vibrant, full-color prints with smooth gradients. Today’s inkjet printers produce fine lines and small details that are also as crisp as those produced by LED/Laser plotters.

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Media Compatibility

LED/Laser Plotters: LED/Laser plotters can handle a limited variety of media types, inclusive of standard bond paper, vellum, and mylar. They primarily handle 20lb media and so LED/laser plotters are not so versatile in accommodating different paper weights and sizes.

Inkjet Plotters: Inkjet plotters are significantly more versatile, with the advantage of being able to print on a wider range of media, including the aforementioned bond paper, vellum and mylar, yet can also handle various forms of glossy paper, canvas, and various textures. This flexibility can be beneficial for artistic and design-oriented projects.

Cost Considerations

LED/Laser Plotters: While LED/Laser plotters might have significantly higher upfront costs, their efficient toner usage and faster printing speeds can lead to lower consumable costs in the long run, especially for high-volume printing needs.Tips to improve your firm's profitability - EagleI  However, total cost of ownership is likely to be considerably more with an LED/laser plotter when you calculate in the cost of service, maintenance and repairs.

Inkjet Plotters: Inkjet plotters often have a lower initial investment, but ink costs can add up over time, especially if you’re printing extensively.  Inkjet plotters often have expensive print-heads that may also require being changed out.Inkjet vs Laser: Which Printer Should You Get? – Printer Guides and Tips  from LD Products

In Summary

The choice between LED/Laser plotters and Inkjet plotters depends on your specific requirements and priorities. If your print volume is high and speed are paramount, LED/Laser plotters might be the best fit. Conversely, if your print volume is low to moderate, or you want to print some in color, or you want to have media versatility, Inkjet plotters could be the right solution for you. Consider your printing needs, budget, and the types of prints you’ll be producing to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals.  We primarily sell inkjet plotters because inkjet printers are more suitable for the overwhelming majority of our customers.

If you want more help deciding which technology is right for you, or want our expert opinion of which specific plotter is right for your particular needs, call us at (602) 224-9971 or contact us now, we’re happy to help!

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