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How to Make Money with a Wide Format Scanner?

Money made scanning

So you purchased, or are thinking about purchasing a wide format scanner and are looking for ways to make money with such a powerful asset! We have helped many businesses get into the wide format scanning business.  So let’s explore the various avenues through which your wide format scanner can generate profits for you or your business. Several industries have a need for digitizing or scanning wide format originals.  We’ll delve into innovative ways for you to tap in and make money with your wide format scanner; thus turning your wide format scanner into a money-making machine!

Reproduction Services

If you have a wide format printer, adding a wide format scanner improves the printer’s capabilities by now allowing you to make copies of wide format documents or plans.  This is accomplished by scanning the paper into the wide format scanner and outputting copies out of the wide format printer.

Providing high-quality digital or paper reproductions of any oversized document, construction plans, schematics, artwork, maps, historical documents, etc.. Various industries often have a need for accurate reproductions of their work. Your scanner can help you create digital images that cater to anyone that is seeking a digital reproduction.  And again matched with a wide format printer provides other ways to make money by printing the scanned images therefore making wide format copies.

Specific industries that utilize wide format scanning are:

Architects and Engineers

For those in the architectural or engineering industry there could be a daily need to scan architectural drawings and engineering plans.  So catering to Architects & Engineers with the capabilities of a wide format scanner can be quite lucrative. Offer scanning and digitization services for blueprints, drawings, and plans. Many clients prefer digital copies for ease of sharing and storage. Charging per square foot or per sheet can quickly add up to a substantial income stream.office needing scanning

Construction Companies

Construction companies can be Developers, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Builders, or anyone else in the construction business.  Most of these businesses utilize blueprints, plans, drawings, site plans elevation drawings, schematics, or any other type of construction documents. Builders and contractors often require these documents in digital format for bidding purposes and easy access on-site. Charging a fee for scanning and organizing these documents, digitizing these plans to make them easily accessible to print, and making blueprint copies can all be valuable services.office needing scanning

Mapping and GIS Services

Offer GIS (Geographic Information System) services by scanning maps and geographic data for urban planning, land development, or environmental analysis. These services are often in high demand for both public and private sector projects.Lists, Maps and Commas. A common syntax issue in Erlang | by Brujo ...

Interior Designers

Scanning floor plans so that these professionals can redesign to scale is a much needed helpful and time saving service.  Scan existing layouts enables these professionals to make their iterations more easily.Floor Plans Designs for Homes | HomesFeed

Landscape Designers

Scanning site plans so that these professionals can redesign the hardscape and landscape to scale is also much needed and another time saving service.  Scan existing site plans enables these professionals to make their changes more succinctly.The Importance of Hardscape Design (5) | The Whispering Crane Institute

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agencies often need to scan and digitize large property blueprints, floor plans, and maps. Position your scanning services as a solution to help them manage and present their listings more effectively.Morden House Elevation


Not a specific industry; yet there are a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) homeowners that are willing and able to take-on a significant construction project.  These can consist of a remodel to a room addition, to a complete new build.  Assist homeowners and contractors with renovation projects. Scan existing layouts, enabling them to plan changes and additions accurately. This service can help to streamline the renovation process.Home Renovation Plans | plougonver.com


Various branches of government have a significant amount of construction plans and maps that they would like to have digitized.  Utilizing a wide format scanner to satisfy this need can be a lot of work.Rolls Of Blueprints Stock Image - Image: 18663771

Signage and Graphics Companies

Companies that produce high end graphics and custom signage are consistently seeking to digitize to create a starting point for their work.  These companies design and produce large-scale graphics, banners, and signage for events, trade shows, or businesses. With a wide format scanner, you can scan existing artwork to aid in creating new designs. Offer your services to local businesses and event organizers.Hanging sign plan

Museums, Galleries, and Artists

Provide high-quality reproductions of artwork, maps, or historical documents. Museums, galleries, and artists often require accurate reproductions of their work. Your scanner can help you create exceptional prints that cater to this niche market.Art Galleries

Educational Institutions & Schools

Partner with schools, colleges, or educational publishers to digitize teaching materials, posters, student work, etc.. Your scanner can help create digital resources that enhance the learning experience.Research, Engineering, and Design: The Talent Cluster in a Talent ...

Arts & Crafts and HobbyistsFamily Tree JPEG,Custom Ancestry Tree,Gift for Mum,Genealogy Chart ...

Use your scanner to scan patterns, photographs, scrap books, family trees, model plans, decorative prints, etc.. Offer customization options to individuals and businesses looking to digitize their unique artwork or graphics.How To Build A Boat For Kids

You’re Becoming A Document Management Service!

To significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs, you can provide document management services of scanning, organizing, and digitizing large volumes of wide format paperwork for businesses transitioning to digital workflows.  You can improve efficiency in your own office too by scanning all of your paper as well.

Finding your niche and effective marketing your services is key to the success of your wide format scanning venture. Start with a plan, get the right equipment by contacting us, target a specific niche, create a professional website showcasing your services, pricing, and examples of your work. Utilize social media platforms, local directories, and partnerships with related businesses to increase your visibility.

Remember to invest in high-quality scanning equipment and software to deliver top-notch results; we can help with this, contact us.  Remember to offer excellent customer service and quick turnaround times will help to build a loyal client base.

A wide format scanner can be utilized in your business and be used as an additional revenue-generating tool with vast potential. By diversifying your services and targeting the right market(s), you can transform your wide format scanner into a profitable asset for you or your business. So, start scanning your way to financial success today!

We have helped countless businesses get into the wide format scanning business.  It all starts with a plan, and then speak with us to help you find the right scanner for your business. We can be reached at (602) 224-9971 or contact us today!

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