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How To Make Money With A Wide Format Printer

Our previous post, How To Make Money With A Wide Format Scanner received such a positive response, that we thought to present a similar post about ways to unlock the potential of your wide format printer!

Money-Making Machine

Perhaps you own, or are thinking about buying a wide format printer, maybe because you were inspired from our previous post to add printing functionality to your wide format scanner.  Either way, let’s explore the various avenues through which your wide format printer can generate profits for you or your business.  As we have helped many businesses get into the wide format scanning business, we have also helped a lot of businesses get into the wide format printing business too. Several industries have a need for printing or copying onto wide format media. We’ll delve into innovative ways for you to tap into this vast market and make money with your wide format printer; thus turning your wide format plotter into a money-making machine!

Herein, we’ll uncover the numerous ways you can turn your wide format plotter into a profitable venture. Whether you’re a small business owner, creative entrepreneur, or looking to expand your printing services, we have some special nuggets of information with practical tips and lucrative ideas.

Epson T3770E 24" Color Plotter

It is important to note that there are different types of wide format printers, and that there are certain applications for which each are designed to excel at.  Herein, we’ll suggest the type of plotters that are primarily used in each of these primarily indoor applications.

Reproduction Services

Various industries often have a need for accurate reproductions of their work.  Providing high-quality reproductions of any oversized document like: construction plans, schematics, artwork, maps, historical documents, banners, signage, decals, packaging, etc..  For anyone that is seeking prints, your plotter can help you create the reproduction that they need.

If you pair a large format printer with a wide format scanner, simply improves the printer’s capabilities by now allowing you to make copies of most any wide format document, plans, etc.. This is accomplished by scanning the original into the wide format scanner and outputting copies on your wide format printer.

Offering Wide Format Printing Services by first exploring the demand for wide format printing in your local market. From blueprints to banners and posters to signs and decals, offering printing services to businesses, events, and individuals can generate a steady income stream.

Specific types of printing worthy of exploring are:

Architectural, Engineering, & Construction

Blueprints, plans, & drawings are utilized in all phases of construction, catering to the construction and design industry by providing accurate, high-quality architectural and engineering prints can be a strong foundation for a print business. Establish partnerships with local firms to become their go-to printing solution. Blueprint printing is a solid core of business due to the never ending need for construction drawings.

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Printers utilized for architectural, engineering, & construction: Laser printers, LED printers, & technical inkjet plotters.

Mapping & GIS

GIS (Geographic Information System) services often require reproductions of maps and geographic data for urban planning, land development, or environmental analysis. These services are often in high demand for both public and private sector projects. Map printing & catering to GIS goes hand-in-hand with blueprint printing.

Printers utilized for mapping & GIS: technical inkjet plotters

Decor, Interior Design, Landscape & Real Estate

Printing floor plans and layouts so that these design professionals can display their work to scale is a much needed helpful service. Printing site plans so that landscapers can display the hardscape and landscape to scale is also much needed.  Real estate agencies often need to print large property blueprints, floor plans, and maps. Position your printing services as a solution to help them manage and present their listings more effectively.  Homeowners that are willing and able to take-on a significant construction project like a remodel to a room addition, to a complete new build, also need blueprints for getting city or county permits, general &/or subcontracting bidding, and construction. Assisting homeowners and contractors with renovation projects like printing existing layouts, enabling them to display the plan changes and additions accurately. This service is an integral part of the construction and renovation process.  So, again working well with blueprint printing. Interior designers and homeowners also may also want to create custom wall art and decor, including murals and large-format prints.

Printers utilized for decor, interior design, landscape, & Real Estate: Laser printers, LED printers, & technical inkjet plotters.

Web Based Print-on-Demand

Leverage the print-on-demand model by partnering with or establishing an e-commerce platform. Sell your designs on various products without holding a lot of inventory.

Printers utilized for print-on-demand: graphics inkjet plotters, photo inkjet plotters, & technical inkjet plotters.

Event Signage and Banners

Print custom banners, backdrops, political and directional signs for various events and businesses.  Capitalizing on event signage for trade shows and conferences can be a lucrative niche. Or customize large prints for parties, weddings, & special occasions. Create an online store to reach a broader audience.

Printers utilized for event signage and banners: solvent inkjet printers (outdoor), photo inkjet plotters, & technical inkjet plotters.

Art and Photography

Print and sell giclée reproductions of art work, art prints, or photography prints.  These artistic or photo prints can be sold in person, online, through craft shows, local art galleries and even in some restaurants.

Printers utilized for art & photography: graphics inkjet plotters, photo inkjet plotters, & solvent inkjet printers.

Graphic Design and Templates

Bring digital images to life by printing computer generated design and artistic work is a specialized niche.  Much like printed artwork, printing provides graphic design work to be displayed and purchased.  Another niche is printing templates for verifying measurements, signage and cutting patterns.

Printers utilized for graphic design & templates: solvent inkjet printers (outdoor), graphics inkjet plotters, photo inkjet plotters, & technical inkjet plotters.


Printing posters for promotional pieces for stores other businesses can be another lucrative venue.  These are changed fairly frequently to post sale items or other promotions.

Printers utilized for posters: solvent inkjet printers (outdoor), graphics inkjet plotters, & photo inkjet plotters.

Packaging, Decals, and Labels

Offer packaging design and label printing services for local products and startups. High-quality packaging can set brands apart.

Printers utilized for packaging, decals, & labels: solvent inkjet printers (outdoor), graphics inkjet plotters, & photo inkjet plotters.

Vehicle Wraps

Tap into the advertising and marketing industry by offering vehicle wraps, and promotional graphics for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility.

Printers utilized for packaging, decals, & labels: solvent inkjet printers.


Market to teachers, or partner with schools, colleges, or educational institutions to print teaching materials, posters, student work, etc.. Your plotter can help to enhance the learning experience.

Printers utilized for education: photo inkjet plotters, & technical inkjet plotters.

Arts & Crafts and Hobbyists

Use your plotter to print patterns, photographs, family trees, model plans, decorative prints, etc.. Offer customization options to individuals and businesses looking to print their unique artwork or graphics.

Printers utilized for arts & crafts and hobbyists: photo inkjet plotters, & technical inkjet plotters.

Textile & Fabric

Textiles and fabric printing utilizing a dye sublimation printer is another whole area of business that is more involved than the others discussed herein.

Printers utilized for textile & fabric: dye sublimation printers, & direct to fabric printers

You’re Becoming A Print Provider!

A wide format printer can be a valuable asset that generates income in various ways. By exploring these opportunities and tailoring them to your skills and interests, you can transform your wide format printing setup into a profitable venture. Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing one, the possibilities are wide open for success in the world of wide format printing.

Finding your niche and effective marketing your services is key to the success of your wide format printing business. Start with a plan, get the right equipment by contacting us, target a specific niche, create a professional website showcasing your services, pricing, and examples of your work. Utilize social media platforms, local directories, and partnerships with related businesses to increase your visibility.

Remember to invest in high-quality printing equipment and software to deliver top-notch results; we can help with this, contact us.  Remember to offer excellent customer service and quick turnaround times will help to build a loyal client base.

A wide format plotter can be utilized in your business and be used as an additional revenue-generating tool with a lot of potential. By diversifying your services and targeting the right market(s), you can transform your wide format plotter into a profitable asset for you or your business. So, start printing your way to financial success today!

We have helped countless businesses get into the wide format printing business.  It all starts with a plan, and then speak with us to help you find the right plotter for your business. We can be reached at (602) 224-9971 or contact us today!

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