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How to Approach a Large Scan Project: Expert Guide

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So, you’ve finally decided to get rid of all those rolls of paper plans! But wait!  How should you tackle this scan project in the most efficient manor? By understanding the scope and potential challenges, you can approach this scan project with the right strategies. Here we’ll explore expert insights, proven strategies, and essential precautions to take to ensure successful project execution.

Understanding the Scope:

Assessing the Scale of your scan project. Start by evaluating and quantifying the project’s size and sheet sizes that you’ll have to work with. Knowing what you’re up against will help you determine if you have the right scanner for your project.  Knowing the condition of the source material to be scanned; having the proper materials and supplies necessary to get old or fragile media through the scanner safely.  Having the proper tools to prepare the documents to be scanned is also necessary.  Next, determine what resolution you are going to scan; it’s important to understand that there is a direct correlation between resolution and file size, higher resolution = larger file sizes (for more about this please read the blog What is DPI and How Does it Impact Scanning and Printing).  Determine if your project requires color scanning, and what percentage is to be scanned in black & white versus color.  The most important factor is how are the scanned images to be organized; are they going to be combined into multi-page files, or are you using a file structure and naming the individual pages.  How you index the scanned images is absolutely crucial and worthy of thorough consideration.  And finally, knowing what you intend to do with the scanned images, and how you intend to store the digital images.  Identifying potential challenges can help you anticipate potential issues; so if you are unclear about any facets just mentioned, it’s important to get educated prior to embarking on this scanning journey.

Expert insights

Expert Insights for Success:

Get advice from the pros: Learn from those who have successfully managed large scan projects for practical advice.  By seeking to leverage industry expertise you’ll tap into the knowledge of seasoned professionals to gain valuable insights and tips.

Alignment for Effective Execution - CDC Synectics on How to Leverage ...

Proven Strategies for Efficient Execution:

Breaking down the tasks; divide the project into manageable components to simplify execution.

  • Document preparation
    • remove stables
    • get the curl out, so the pages lay flat
    • repair torn or fragile documents
  • Production scanning
  • Indexing (the most important part of the scan project)
  • Quality Control
    • check image quality
    • perform re-scans (we are human, most every project has re-scans!)
    • merge the files / check file structure
  • Protect and integrate the scanned images into storage

Precautions to Ensure Smooth Operation:

Create a detailed project plan.  Execute a sampling to ensure that you have sound processes in place, that the finished product is properly organized, works within your system, and integrates seamlessly.  Avoid what may appear to be short-cuts, as it is always best to get it right the first-time.  Having to return to fix for missing steps is time consuming and highly inefficient.

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Boost Efficiency and Save Time:

Be meticulous in performing the tasks at hand.  Seek out areas where you can improve efficiency.  This can be achieved by spending some money on the proper equipment and tools in order to save considerable blocks of time often pays in the long-run.  Example of this could be investing in a more robust computer, or purchasing one of our Repro Stacking Stands.Repro Stacking Stand for wide format scanning

In Summary:

There is a lot more to a large scan project than getting a scanner and putting someone on the job of scanning! It’s important to create a concise plan for the project, break down the scan project into manageable tasks, execute a scan sample and test it within your system. By following these expert insights, proven strategies, and precautions, you should be on your way to tackle your large scan project! However, if you feel that you need some help, please don’t hesitate to contact the scanning experts at AZ Overland Blueprint!

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