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You Just Won a Government Contract to Scan Maps, Now What?

I recently received a call from someone that had won a sizable government contract to scan an archive of maps.  After congratulating him on securing this lucrative government contract for map scanning; we discussed the unfortunate blunders that his company had made.   Without speaking with a knowledgeable industry expert, they purchased two of the least expensive scanners that they could find on the internet!  And he was reaching-out to me for some accessories for those scanners to improve productivity.  Unfortunately, since they had purchased such economical scanners; it hindered their options.  In essence, what they had done was akin to purchasing the least expensive computers for engineers to program a sophisticated project.  For what they saved on the equipment, they are going to spend many times over in labor!

What they should have done is what we are going to discuss herein.

Outsource or Purchase?

So you won this sizable project, great!  Should you look to outsource this project to a large format document scanning service bureau, or should you seek to invest in a large format scanner? If you do purchase a blueprint scanner, make certain that it is the right scanner to efficiently perform the work.  Let’s look at the decision-making process, ensuring that your government contract is not just fulfilled but done so efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Deciding the Path Ahead

Winning a government contract is a commendable achievement, but the real success lies in the strategic decisions you make moving forward. The first major crossroads is again whether to outsource the project to a service bureau or to bring a blueprint scanner in-house.

Assessing Project Scope and Scale

Outsourcing: Service bureaus are equipped to handle projects of varying sizes. Whether you have a handful of maps or an extensive archive, with the structure and processes in place via a scalable well streamlined solution that can adapt to your needs could be a viable option.

Blueprint Scanner for In-House Use: Consider the capacity speed and functionality of different blueprint scanners. Assess if performing the work in-house by purchasing a large format scanner and hiring the labor aligns with the size and complexity of your project.  If so, obtaining the right scanner is essential.

Budget Considerations

Outsourcing Costs: While outsourcing involves costs, it eliminates the need for upfront investment in equipment; transporting the source material could add to the cost. Evaluate the overall expenses, considering potential savings and added benefits.

Blueprint Scanner Investment: Acquiring a blueprint scanner comes with upfront and ongoing costs. However, ownership might prove cost-effective in the long run especially if there is the potential for future projects.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

Service Bureau: Reputable service bureaus are well-versed in compliance. Ensure they align with government regulations and address legal considerations.

In-House Operations: Check that in-house operations comply with government regulations and outline any legal responsibilities tied to blueprint scanner ownership.

Technology and Infrastructure

Outsourcing Technology: Examine the technology used by service bureaus. Ensure it aligns with the project’s specific requirements.

Wide format printing services, Buy large format printer, Wide format printing servicesBlueprint Scanner Features: Highlight key features of blueprint scanners. For various types of scanning, consider technology compatibility, speed, ease of use, capability of post scanning adjustments, etc.  If there is a need for fast scanning, the need to scan thick material, the need for portability, or other considerations; making the right purchase is absolutely paramount.

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Team Training and Coordination

Service Bureau: Evaluate the expertise required for outsourcing is going to be more focused on the project management aspects.

In-House Operations: In addition to project management, training needs for in-house blueprint scanner operation could be another added consideration.

Quality Control Measures

Outsourcing Quality Assurance: Explore how service bureaus maintain quality standards. Discuss their quality control protocols.

In-House Error Correction: It’s not just about getting the material scanned.  Having a plan in place for implementing quality control protocols for error correction with in-house scanning is an important safe-guard.

Challenges and Solutions

Anticipate challenges in outsourcing and in-house scanning. Provide solutions and strategies for overcoming potential hurdles.  Speaking with an informed professional provider should be able to help you with this.

Summarize the key factors to consider in the decision-making process. Encourage a thoughtful approach based on project specifics.

Long Term

What are your goals for the future?  Do you intend to look for future scan projects?  If so, purchasing equipment might be more advantageous.  This project could help pay for the scanning equipment for this project as well as for the future work to come.

Next Steps

In order to make an informed decision, speaking with a scanning industry expert should prove to be very helpful.  They should ask questions about the project parameters and requirements to help you make a prudent and logical decision.

Whether you choose the efficiency of a service bureau or the autonomy of an in-house blueprint scanner, the success of your government contract lies in informed decision-making. Evaluate your project’s unique needs, weigh the pros and cons, and make the choice that aligns with your goals.

Ready to maximize your government contract efficiency? Explore our detailed guide and unlock the full potential of your large scanning project.

Your government contract success story begins with the right choices. Explore blueprint scanner options or discover the advantages of outsourcing to our service bureau. Need assistance? contact us today!  Or, call us now at (602) 224-9971, we want to help you maximize the profitability of your government contract!

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