Large Scanner For Artwork

Do you want to make your art, whether painting or drawing into a full sized digital copy or prints? Do you possess expertise or know someone who can get your artwork scanned or get it digitally photographed? If the answer to these questions is no, then we can help you. We not only possess a great collection of large scanner for artwork but can also provide guidance on how to use it. 

Further, we can also produce high-quality, fully colored managed, and high resolution scans directly from your original art work. We use professional, industrial color calibrated scanners that produce the high quality reproductions of original artwork. Our scans are sharp and capture the fine details of the originals.

Features of Our Scanning Services

Largest scan size

The maximum size of the scan that we can produce directly is around 36 x 48 inches or, in other words, 91 x 122 cm.

Perfectly sharp

Our scans produce precision sharpness. Further, we also focus on color matching so that the printed details are almost the same as in the original.


When scanning artwork, we utilize a high resolution for clarity, while still working to keep the file size manageable. As the resolution or dots per inch (dpi) increases, so does the file size.  If the file size becomes extremely high; the file will take more time to open, and more time to move around within the file.  If the file size is too large it becomes extremely frustrating for anyone that works with the file. So, working with our experts to find the “sweet-spot” in resolution is key!

Great results

The color gamut of a man-made color palette is virtually limitless.  Whereby for example, if paints are mixed there are an infinite amount of different colors that can be derived.  However, when these colors are interpreted by digital equipment, color matching can become quite challenging.  Taken one step further in printing; printers are limited to how the ink is combined from four to twelve colors, to match that which is created via an infinite palette. 

Color managed

Our scanners are capable of using the latest color software and use high tech hardware ICC profiles for the reflective scans to obtain the closest match of color accuracy.